Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Towards Bio-regional Planning

In the context of this estuarine region of canals and rivers with its extensive spread of water bodies and waterways, when we talk about landuse planning, one must simultaneously talk about ‘wateruse’ planning. This is akin to the concept of ‘water space strategy’ that has gained currency in town planning. The predominant issue raised by the idea of sustainably reviving the canal is that of ‘bio-regional’ planning, based on the unique specificity of the region - a riverine, deltaic area. There is a need to evolve a planning framework that is relevant to such an eco-system.

To begin in this direction, analysis of remote sensing images of the canal system of Calcutta and the surrounding region, for two seasons (dry and wet) would yield a number of insights about the existing situation and planning can proceed on the basis of such information, among others.

Today, more than ever before, it is possible to bridge the age-old rift between town and country, while each retains its own identity. The revitalised canal may be seen as enabling a major transformation in the local economy.

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