Friday, January 11, 2008

Reference to context

Here is a picture from Calcutta. Its on the Prince Anwar Shah Road connector to the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.

What does this picture show?

How is it that this happens?

What does it say about the city and the state?

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LinaS said...

I first saw this stretch in the pre dawn hours, coming in from the airport. There were few people around at that time- but it was easy to see that while a new road was being built- encroachments were well on the way. A large 'bus stand' or terminus was evident.
Your picture seems to show a 'bus stop' on the divider of the connector.
People are waiting for a ride and some brisk roadside business is already starting. The wooden cart is the ominous first sign of a 'cha'er dokan'- which will soon have competition.
There are no facilities for those trying to use this kind of transportation.