Sunday, February 17, 2008

What people want

Zafar Sobhan, a writer in Bangladesh, has spelt out the basic issues that he as a Bangladeshi citizen sees as pertinent to the people of his country. This is not so different from the issues confronting the people of India too.

Wherever you go, people are all the same. They all want more or less the same thing. They want good schools and opportunities for their kids. They want to be able to live in safety and security. They want a decent job that pays the bills and allows them to put food on the table. Most people's desires are very modest. It doesn't take a great deal to make them happy. ...

... Safe drinking water, not coke. Electricity for light and maybe a fan, not air conditioners. The means and ability to move around cheaply and without undue hassle, not their own personal chauffer-driven car...

Read Zafar Sobhan's article here.

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